Lets get really into the season, hello Autumn!

2 Oct 2017

In my eyes it's been Autumn from the first of September, but now we're deep into the season I thought it was appropriate to finally do an Autumn tag! I did one last year which you can read here and I have to say it the lookbook that goes with it is one of my ultimate favourite looks I've ever done on this blog, so to almost keep in line I've put this tag with a set of photographs that (in my opinion) has to be my finest work at a flat lay yet! I love the fallen leaves, conkers, warm drinks and wrapping up with my new winter coat as a chilled breeze cuts through me; autumn is here and I think I managed to capture it accurately in this set of photographs. If you're tired of hearing everyone droning on about the season I'm sorry because my blog is about to get all Halloween up in here, but for now lets keep it subtle with the autumn tag! I put together a bunch of my favourite questions and some people have asked, or more like me pestering my friends to give me questions in preparation of putting together this post.

What am I looking forward to this autumn?
I have a bunch of things happening this autumn and my favourite definitely has to be the engagement dinner I'm throwing with both mine and Joel's family! Yes Joel proposed to me and of course I said yes, so we're shooting off to Vegas next year to tie the knot! To discuss matters and just get our family together, we're throwing a big dinner at the beginning of next month woo! So far I've been to the Blogger blog awards and I have another exciting blogger event in Leeds just a couple of weeks away to go. I just love the season so it's going to be ten times better that I also get to enjoy it with a bunch of my faves!

My favourite thing about autumn?
I could go on for days, orange leaves, warm tones, pumpkins, finding conkers unopened, it being acceptable to drink a hot drink as I walk down the street, coats, buying a new pair of winter boots, fluffy jumpers, transitioning to my comfy daytime jeans, putting up Halloween decorations, using darker lipstick...the list could really go on forever. October/Halloween season has to be my ultimate favourite thing.

What do I hate most about autumn?
Probably having to layer up. Don't get me wrong I love changing over to Autumn fashion, but I instantly hate having to wear tights and no longer being able to just lounge around in a big t-shirt or dress.

Autumn goals
My number one goal definitely has to be to really make the most of this season, putting out more content and pushing myself because I want to share with everyone how much I love. I always see others content online (especially around Christmas) and wish every year  that I had put more effort into my own because I love autumn, so this year despite working full time and possibly being tired every night, I can't wait to share with you guys what I got. I've decorated the house head to toe, ready for Halloween and great flat lays!

What's your favourite Autumn memory?
Thinking off the top of my head it definitely has to be either going a corn maze with my family when I was younger, or throwing a Halloween party when I still lived at home with my family which all my friends came to. Both are really good memories that remind me instantly of home and autumn.  

Best way to spend a rainy day as a blogger?
There's nothing worse as a fashion blogger than not being able to take photographs when planned, so when the rain hits I try to stay productive or I feel like I've wasted my day. When it rains it's a lifestyle post day, I create flatlays or sit down to write a bunch of posts out so that later I can take the photographs! Or I film a bunch of indoor videos for my channel, so keeping pro activity makes me feel 100% times better.

Favourite Autumn movie?
I know there's a lot really good seasonal change films but for me when I think of Autumn I just think of all the super good Halloween films that I can watch and not feel too judged. It's definitely Hocus Pocus, just to get me into the witchy spirit ALWAYS.

Do you decorate your house for autumn?
Hell yes, in September I bring out an autumnal range of décor like mustard pillows and definitely more musky candles! I have some cute orange leaf trays that I put on the table as coasters, then when it's the first of October the Halloween decorations are everywhere in my home.  

Favourite autumnal comfort food?
Definitely chilly. My Fiancée is such a good cook we always make stews, soups and other warm autumn meals that are definitely a British tradition in autumn. Shepard's pie, lasagne, but the chilly has to be my favourite.

Favourite autumn colours?
Any warm tone, mustards, olive green and this year I'm definitely getting into orange. I'm always a little scared to add colour to my wardrobe, but I'm being a bit more daring this year and even wearing orange ooo.

Go to autumnal makeup look? 
I wanna say something that makes me sound like I know my shit when it comes to beauty, but instead of anything special it's just a warm orange eye! I love how grungy but perfect for autumn it is, then paring it with a brown or dark red lip.

Favourite autumnal lipstick?
Nyx Liquid suede's still had to be one of my favourite liquid lipsticks, they're dark brown shade named 'vintage' is still my favourite autumnal lipstick for two years running now.

How do you celebrate Halloween?
I go full out, from the first of October I have my Halloween décor up and I bring out the spooky clothing that I've collected. Lots of Halloween jumpers and instagramming fallen leaves, décor and pictures of Morticia Addams. I love to actually go out on Halloween but it always falls on a week day when I work, so I normally get dressed up and just watch Halloween films with my loved ones.

Favourite Halloween movie of all time?
Monster Squad. It's an 80's classic, almost like the goonies but with classic horror monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein.

Describe your perfect day in autumn?
I absolutely loved it when Joel and I walked around the city of York when we lived there, but right now my favourite Autumn day would have to be hot drink in hand, teddy coat on and just taking a huge walk in the country side. I love our village, I love going to a little café, getting breakfast then just taking a walk into shops, markets and looking in independent stores. We always find cute pubs and places to eat, so just spending a day with no worries, with joel possibly with my camera is the best.

What are you dressing up for Halloween this year?
I think I'm definitely going to be a giant Pumpkin.

I feel so much more excited for Autumn, definitely take these questions and answer them in your own tag I'd love to read it! What is your favourite thing about Autumn?

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