My Ideal way to spend a day in Autumn

15 Oct 2017

Can we first just address that I'm finally in a pumpkin patch after years of wanting to go to one? I've had an amazing family involved day picking out some pumpkins and Autumn for me so far is bloody amazing! Now, into the post!

I love Autumn and I when I think of the perfect day in Autumn I always just imagine walking around the city of York on a day off, coat on, Boyfriend in hand whilst we drink hot drinks and explore. That almost makes me sad because we no longer live in York so this Autumn is going to be completely different, it's the first October we've lived in our house in the little village we're in. I'm trying to see that as something exciting because it's all going to be a new experience for us both and with this being my favourite time of the year I don't want it to disappoint. I love the casual/warm feelings of Autumn, how on the weekend I get excited about putting my coat on and going for a walk! The crisp feeling of the air, falling leaves and how I get so excited to take photographs in my boots. I feel warm thinking of finally putting the heating on, drinking hot drinks and just the idea of having a huge explore as the skies starts to get dark. October so far is completely different from last year so at the moment I'm finding it hard to really get into the season spirit when it's raining every day and the temperature has just suddenly dropped to freezing. I'm missing the slow transition where I go from jacket to coat (at the moment it's just rain coats all the bloody time) or the warm sun set which is super early but makes my heart skip. Instead of letting the crap weather at the moment get me down I've been thinking about all the things I love to do in Autumn and my ideal day of how I like to spend it.

It's definitely all about the walks to the cafes or coffee shops for me, I used to love doing this with friends and family when we lived in the city so I can't wait to do it now on my days off. In our village there's a number of cute cafes which are of course super cheap because they're in the country side, so I can't think of anything better than on the weekend putting on my fur coat or scarf and casually strolling to the café. I want to feel the cold breeze on my face slowly, but then have the warmth of the sun as it creeps up into the sky. I'm going to take a small detour through the park because it's going to be beautiful. The suns going to shine through and the ground will be covered in leaves and it's going to be photo heaven. Joel's definitely going to tell me off for taking ages getting snaps of my shoes in the leaves, but then we'll be on our way to the café, walking past the veg shops and florist until we get to the café and hear the chime of the bell as we enter. If we ever go into town or to a city I love getting a hot chocolate or a sweet tea from Starbucks and just taking a walk, York's so beautiful but there's little gems with living in the country side.

I love the change in my home décor. I'm on a budge this year but I have enough stuff anyway to give our home a little make over. I love this time of year because I change pretty much everything in my house. I bring out different scented candles to make it smell more homely than the fresher scents I use in summer or spring, along with the colour scheme of my living room getting a little warmer. Of course in October I go all out with the Halloween decorations, but just in September I keep it a little light with orange leaf prints and musky candles. I drag all the blankets out of storage and scarfs become the perfect items for flat lays.

I hate having to start wearing tights, but one thing I love about Autumn fashion is how I start to experiment more with wearing layers. I love to wear trousers or culottes with shirts and jumpers, or even dresses over shirts, I always build up my outfits when it comes to the season and I'm definitely excited for it. We all have that trusty coat and mines been my black faux fur for years, it is time for me to get another coat, but there's always something nostalgic about getting my favourite coat out of the cupboard when the cold wind starts to roll in. Whilst I love boots I love swapping my sandals for shoes like creepers or boat shoes, the boots coming more into my winter wardrobe, but I can't wait to start experimenting with smart shoes. I love everything about my autumn wardrobe, from the olive greens to the mustard colours and of course there's always more black in my outfits.

Whilst I do love fashion and putting together a good OOTD, I'm very lazy so the idea of whipping off my clothes the second I get home and putting on my PJs gets me excited for autumn. I love early nights, whilst it does take away my motivation and makes it really hard to take photographs when there's no natural light, I love getting all snuggled. In September the sunset starts to happen around 8pm, but by then I'm already full from my tea, in my comfies and settling down for a tv series or film. I love spending quality nights in with my partner just out of the cold.

Black Velvet Dress - H&M . Autumnal Floral Open Dress - Sugarhill Boutique . Boots - H&M . Hat - Boohoo 

Everyday I'm noticing the season taking over and it gets me so excited for things like Halloween, Farmers markets, walks on the market, Bomfire night, so I'm definitely in my element right now. What do you love about Autumn? What are you up to this October to embrace the season?

Happy Halloween,

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