How to use your blog to get yourself a career

17 Nov 2017

A couple of months ago I landed my dream job and it was actually all thanks to my blog! I managed to turn my 'fun fact' that I mention in interviews briefly into an entire reason as to why I got employed and it feels immense because I've put so much hard work into Heartshapedbones. It makes me so happy that my place here on the internet has benefited me in getting a career, but I see it more as it's a building stone which is apart of me, working in cosync with the career I'm creating for myself! I hope that makes sense. I work online for a vintage clothing brand, but I also work on their social media - so 98% of my job is built up of skills I've actually taught myself through blogging or having my own business. It's the first time I've ever felt comfortable going for an online position and actually thinking I have a chance here with my experience (unlike if I wanted to go into banking, jobs like that etc) so I thought it could be quite helpful for y'all bloggers if I put my experience into a blog post to help you use your blog to get yourself a career.  More than half of us are bloggers also working a full time/part time job, so I think it's amazing that if blogging is a huge passion of yours, why not use it as a tool to get yourself a job more in the online field. 

When I was in my third year of university we under took some classes on how to find a career in the art world and we created ourselves a CV which was more creative than our basic CVS for like retail jobs, etc, so I did the same with my online experience. After working for a big retailer I decided that I was done with work I didn't love, so I used my blog and the skills I gained and put them into my CV. I have my own art print business so I also wrote this into my CV, relevant information going into my work experience, etc but where I think you can really let your blog shine is in your personal section and skill set.

To edit your blog into a CV I'd briefly mention it in your introduction, but focusing mainly on getting across everything you have learnt from that. Yeah an employee might take a look on your blog, but it's not about getting your blog views up. You want to briefly mention what you do on your blog then go straight into what it's done for you, those skills and the experience you've gained can really help an employer see what you're capable of.

I always involve a key skills section in my CVs and personally my blog has given me so many, here's a few that you could involve:
  • experience in editing software's: photoshop, lightroom, video editing software, etc
  • admin skills - emails, how to run a website
  • working with clients - if you've worked with brands this is good for communication
  • networking - also comes from working with brands
  • creativity
  • website management
  • organisation
You can even mention in there the management of social media skills, in todays online age a lot of companies (more likely independent) will find this a benefit to have someone with communication skills on their team. Of course include any other relevant skills you have already outside of blogging, but with how much you can learn from being a blogger I think you'll have a strong skills set list.

My own employer found it not only interesting that I ran my own blog and art store but it pretty much got me the job because it displayed my skill set in action. Yourr blog could really help you get your dream job if in the relevant field, so why not pop it on your CV as work experience.

I hope this blog post was helpful in some way, not all of us can be a full time blogger so at least let your passions help you get a job you can love!

Until next time guys,

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