Wearing Florals In Winter

14 Nov 2017

Ok so the weather is getting so chilly but instead of doing the obvious post sharing how I'm layering up, I wanted to do something a little more refreshing and get my girly grungy on! Floral dresses are something I think can fit into anyones personal style, whether you're that barbie girl or the ultra goth. Depending on what colour or shape you go for, theres so many ways you can style a floral dress which is probably why they're one of my easy go to's for all seasons. 

Personally I love to grunge up or goth out a floral dress, so when I saw this gorgeous 90's style red number I thought of so many ways I could make it more alternative. Straight off the bat I love how the sleeves are a little puffer than what you'd find on the high street, with a little tie bow on the back to either give you shape if you want it or like me I've just left it hanging loose. It almost looks like a collarless shirt dress with the button down feature on the front, making it quite the unique item.  

Now that winter is right around the corner I've found myself rarely reaching for a dress, which is unlike me as I normally rebel against the cold weather right up until there's snow on the ground and I have to wear something more practical. But this year I've definitely found my love in culottes and loose fitting trousers, definitely unheard of. I felt a little disconnected as I put the dress on - like I didn't know how to style it at all, so I went in a very basic direction. I find with a bold dress, even if it's a subtle feminine one like this, less is always more because the dress is going to be the show stealer anyway. I voted against wearing a belt or even a jacket, just some basic black accessories like tights and some stompy boots. A lace chocker to bring it back to the 90's vibe I love to create.

I found these shoes on Depop (I can't rave enough about the bargains I've been finding) but they're the comfiest boots I've worn in a very long time. Despite them having quite the platform they're so comfortable for long walks. I think this is a really easy outfit to put together so I don't have much else to add, I'm really loving the fit of vintage items so if you're looking for an item that's a little more unique check out the boutiques on Asos.

Floral Dress ~ The Vintage Scene . Chunky Boots ~ Topshop . Choker ~ My store (Witch Crafts) . Black Wig ~ Amazon .

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