2017 - the year I had my down fall and built it all back up again

20 Dec 2017

I cannot believe that 2017 is coming to an end, it's only six days till Christmas and then hello to the new year which hopefully with be a full year of me just kicking butt! I've never really written a post where I speak about my goals and it's probably because up till this year I'd only blogged when I could more for fun than a career. Of course I love blogging, of course I find it so fun which is why it's taken over my life - but in 2017 I actually took a huge plunge as steps closer to letting my blog become a career for myself. Each year before the new year I think about a lot of things, any resolutions that I'll definitely not keep, trips, things I hope to do, but I rarely thought about what I hoped to achieve creatively on the internet. Somewhere along this year a light switch went off in me and I've never felt so dedicated to my blog than I do now, the goals I have for 2018 are insane but they definitely wouldn't of even crossed my mind if 2017 hadn't of taken the course that it did. A lot happened for me, with my blog and my personal life, so I thought I'd summarise my year to you with a personal round up but also end with my big goals!

2017 started out with a lot of changes and big promises, but mid way took a huge fall that definitely was my first hiccup as being an adult outside of university. I finished uni last year and continued living in York where I studied, I lived with my Boyfriend (now fiancée ooo) and worked in my part time job until I found something I had more of a passion in. I worked for a fashion retailer and despite it being a regular job, I loved it. In January my boyfriend got a new job and it meant we needed to leave York, so possibly my first big step as an adult - we moved to Doncaster where I'm from and got ourselves a house! Only renting, but I felt so good having our own home, bigger than our flat in the city and we even had a garden! Three bedrooms, our own furniture, everything was exciting but I feel that I really under estimated how it would affect other areas of my life like work, money, etc. I quickly found it incredibly hard to juggle traveling back and forth to York where I still worked and maintain things like my blog, shop, youtube - even my relationship, it all took a toll and it definitely broke me.

I was travelling a total of nearly 5 hours a day just to do a regular hour, minimum pay job in a different city just because I loved it, whilst changed when it was such a struggle to even get there. I couldn't manage more than one blog post a week, I never had time to film or blog, my days off consisted of trying to see Joel and sort out or home which we we're still settling into and I think I just took too much on and I wasn't going to give anything up for the other.

I got promoted to a manager which should of been utterly amazing, but whilst going through the training process I found it wasn't at all what I expected and this is where my mental health started to get a kicking. I cried every day traveling because it was so much, I was transferred to Leeds where I trained to be a manager and the job was a total joke. I never saw Joel, I never blogged, my store wasn't getting orders and I had no creativity to put into it. I could see everything spiralling downwards and then something in me just snapped. I truly feel for anyone that's had a mental break down, it literally spirals your whole world out of control. I quit my job, moved back in with my parents and fell off the face of the earth because I just wanted to ignore everything I possibly could.

This summer was the hardest hurdle that's been thrown at me yet, it challenged me as a person but luckily looking back now I can say it was something that had to happen. After being in a pit for months I climbed out to make myself a better person. I built back up my relationship, home and life - keeping one thing in mind - do what I love and what I'm most passionate about. I was sick of being unhappy, so I did everything possible to ensure my mental well being. I closed down my store and re started a fresh, creating a complete new brand Witchcrafts to pour in my all as I took the plunge to be self employed!

I can't thank my partner Joel enough, he really supported me as I started up my business and put all the money I had remaining into it. I was so scared, what if I didn't make any money, what if it didn't work and I had to get another job I hated...but luckily it all hit off with a bang and I found myself being more creative than I had ever been! T-shirts, home ware, prints, cards, I felt so much productivity to give it my all and that's where I also found my motivation again for blogging!

I came back with more motivation than ever before and I'm glad it's stuck with me till the very end of this year. My blogs reached so many new levels, growing so quick than it has done before. Whilst small to some the progress is massive to me and I've found not caring or comparing myself to others has made blogging fun again. Rekindling my love for blogging has really shown my creativity and I'm glad people can tell! I have a good schedule that I've managed to keep up even with a full time job. I didn't plan to work full time again, but when my dream job practically landed on my door step I couldn't turn it down. I love my job and not once has it hindered my other projects, I still blog to my schedule, I upload videos regularly and even my store is going steady. I seriously cannot wait for all the things I want to do in 2018, it's going to be one hell of a creative year.

It's so strange how in just one year you can have so many ups and downs, but I'm so happy that it's ending on a good place that fills me with so much hope. I never imagined that I'd ever taste working for myself so soon, possibly a little too early in my businesses, but it makes me so positive for when the time is right. I never imagined having our own house, or moving back to Doncaster - we even got a couple of pets that seriously makes me feel like an adult. I GOT FRIGGIN ENGAGED! I do want to write a full post on my engagement because it's definitely a different story to tell, but I'm so excited for next year because again it's going to come with so many life changes.

Yellow beret - ebay . Black fur coat - new look . Long frilled top - h&m . Harley-davidson t-shirt - Spanish market . Striped cullots - Romwe .

There's so much more to 2017 that I could waffle on about, but I want to end this post with a bunch of my goals for the new year!

  • release a bunch of new products in January, following with a new product each week and focus on getting more t-shirts printed
  • get married in Vegas and plan our reception back in England
  • start saving to buy a house
  • post two youtube videos each week - focusing more on fashion/lookbooks
  • post three times a week on my blog, really challenge myself to be creative with my fashion posts
  • be more confident in reaching out to brands with  a constant updated media kit
  • give our home a little revamp - mainly the livingroom
  • give my website a little revamp - more cute witchy content
  • blog more on my store - DIYS, etc
  • grow my social medias - be more creative on Instagram
  • grow my hair
  • work towards working for myself again or decreasing my hours at work
  • plan to do full 30 days of Halloween makeup looks
  • produce more Christmas content next year
  • more story times on my channel, I have so many ideas I'm bursting to tell the stories
  • create more content on my home and adult stuff
  • see more of my blogging pals and hopefully collab on youtube with them
There's a lot of goals that and I can think of so many more, but for now lets keep it to this basic list and I can keep adding as the year goes on! I cannot wait for 2018, it's going to be amazing. This year has really shown me the path I want to go on in life, so hopefully my passions show to others and my blog and store continues to grow.

Thankyou so much guys for a fantastic 2017 - I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and new year!

Until next time,