Joe Browns Christmas Blogger Event, Meadowhall Sheffield

10 Dec 2017

Hello everyone! Decembers festivities are in full swing and I have an excited post to share with you to get the Christmas mood going here on Heartshapedbones! As I live in the South Yorkshire area I was kindly invited to the Christmas blogger event held by Joe Brown, a catalogue based retailer who just opened their very first store located in Meadowhall, Sheffield. How excited! I've popped into Joe Brown once or twice whilst being in the shopping centre for a browse, but to find out in more depth what the brands about was amazing. Their clothes are so unique, we got to have a chat with the founder and I have fallen more in love with their store. 

We had glasses of Prosecco and nibbles, looked around the store, entered a competition to win a £250 voucher & even had some photographs taken on the 'stage' for the fashion cat walk later in the evening. Simon Brown the founder of the brand gave a speech about how it all came to be and I loved his passion for what he'd created, along with his supportive team both in store and internal. He explained that everything he wants has to be remarkable. The clothing, the store, the unique hand picked decor in store, the staff and hopefully the customers that purchase from them. The clothing isn't going to be for everyone but that is what makes it special, they're definitely a brand who want to encourage being unique rather than following the crowd and what everyone else is spending.  

He created the brand whilst being down in Wales, he saw a group of young friends having fun on a beach looking amazing in their attire and wanted to capture that moment and put it into his brand. That feeling of being young, looking good, feeling good, that's what's bottled up in every design you can buy at Joe Brown. 

As someone who shops alot in Meadowhall it makes me so happy to have somewhere unique that offers a different style to the other stores. Whilst being around high street retailers, it's so refreshing to have a store full of unique/antique decor and interesting clothing. It almost reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with their unique shoes, tweet waist coats, etc! I'm almost expecting to see some huge hats with feathers!

With moving back to South Yorkshire this year it was my first time attending an event located in Sheffield and whilst I didn't know any bloggers from the area, my blogger best pal Jess from iamfoxxtailz was there and I even got to make a new friend also called Jess! Jess power woo. If it wasn't for them I would of been such a lonely party of one all night. Jess actually won the £250 voucher (how amazing!!) so it was lovely to then have an excuse to browse the shop because we helped her pick out some outfits.

To round off the night Joe Browns through a fashion cat walk showing off pieces from their Winter collection but also sneak peaks of the spring/summer range coming next year! It really as amazing, the team were so lovely and I was really happy to get a closer insight into the brand from having a chat to Simon. The d├ęcor was insane and they actually do sell some of the bits like a unique pink rabbit and a golden pig!

If you're having a little look around Meadowhall definitely pop in because I think there's a little something for everyone - I wouldn't say that the brand is for any particular age because I saw woman and men of all ages browsing, purchasing and even in the cat walk. I definitely need to go back in myself and pick up a few things because I think it's the perfect vintage chic that will look so good for Spring time here in Yorkshire.

Until next time guys,

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