Proud to be that 'weirdo'

1 Dec 2017

I had the sudden urge to write a blog post like this when I got in my Dads car on Tuesday night, my sister span around and told me she'd gotten in trouble for nearly fighting someone because they called her a weirdo. I blinked. Sudden rage filled me for 1) what they hell do they think they're doing trying to bully my little sister and 2) what the fuck is wrong with being different? I've always been a little unusual, different with my personal style but also my interests from others around me. It's only until I reached college that I found others liked the stuff I did too, that it was completely normal to be obsessed with films, gothic fashion and simplier things like loving to read. How dare they try to critise my sister for being different because she does what she wants, I told her it's better to be different that a fucking sheep. One thing I hate is others trying to tell another what to do when they can mind their own business, but also bullies. If I could push or encourage anything through the use of my blog its to be different. always. Be yourself, be unique, fuck what people think and what they say. Be happy. Be so happy being yourself. 

Ok now that I got all the swearing out of the way and have calmed down...a little I thought I'd piece together some words on what it's like dressing a little differently. Not just dressing, but just being far from your average Joe. Through blogging I've really come into my own and  seeing like minded people on the internet has really shown me that being different is so awesome. I love how interesting altnerative fashion is, I'm always so intrigued to see how different outfits can be dressed when you throw in some unique items away from the high street. The people in the outfits are as equally interesting, making alternative fashion my favourite type of subject when I search on the internet. I can bet right now that most of those bloggers have similar stories of being an outcast for their style, but in 2017 they're FUCKING LEGENDS. It makes me so happy that alternative fashion is getting more of a negation, but even if it wasn't I would still be so proud to be that alternative 'weirdo'. I've come so far out of my shell being able to talk to others who too we're bullied or mocked for being different, when now we're smashing our lives, putting all negativity out the window and rocking the dark side.

I never had much money growing up, I got myself a weekend job the second I turned sixteen and thats when I started to experiment more. I was constantly in Blue Banana in my scene phase, but then I calmed down and started to dress black more...with style? I got into blogging and started to really play around with my clothes, hunting in charity shops hoping to find more unique items. I loved biker fashion, rock & rock style and then I really got into that witchy/coven style of fashion that AHS introduced. I loved wearing long floaty black dresses and big floppy hats, dangly jewellery with just a touch of boho 70's vibe going on. The entire time I listened to no one, felt completely and utter myself in doing so and found so many like minded people along the way! A lot of other peoples negativity ruined years of my teens, school was hell, but I'm so happy that for over 5 years now I've been able to be myself. HELL TO THE DARK FASHION YES!

What I'm trying to say with my rambles (I hope I've gotten some point across) is that I'm proud to dress differently and be different. Many of times I've been called a weirdo and I love it. Why by normal, why be boring, why be anything but yourself. Be yourself. Always be yourself. Forget what others thing, if it's not positive they're not trying to lift you up. They're forcing you down. Be weird. Be different. Be unique.

For my outfit, I've been wearing this combination to death because it's so bloody comfy but also is effortless to create the look I want. I ordered a couple of Stranger Things tops online because I'm obsessed with the series and even I couldn't of anticipated how much I was going to wear it. It's so cold now that we're leering near winter so I paired it with a long sleeve top underneath, it having frill detailing on the cuffs and neckline which makes the outfit feminine in my opinion.
PVC/Vinyl is huge at the moment so I've paired it with my black skirt which was a bargain in Primark, it's so easy to dress up an outfit with. I've paired this two top combo with skirts, trousers, maxi skirts and even pinafores! If you want to make an outfit more grungy definitely layer up two black tops or even add something mesh!

Until next time guys,

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