Bleach London Silver Hair Shampoo Set V.S PRO:VOKE Silver Shampoo Set | Does price make a difference?

14 Jan 2018

Hello everyone! If you've been following me for some time now over on my social media you'd of seen that I did something a little wacky with my hair...I decided to play around a little with the bleach again and dye one half of my head white - a decision I LOVE, despite even at the moment how I've accidently dyed it a darker shade of lilac than I wanted. I still love the decision to have half and half hair, but I do want to get it back to white or a faded lilac at best. Anyway. I dyed half of my head white and whilst the process was slow, it paid off and I had a shade of white/blonde that I was in love with. I took to the internet (twitter because the blogging community is awesome and everyone is an utter babe) to enquire about the upkeep, and thanks to a lot of peoples suggestions headed into boots knowing a little more on the products that I wanted to purchase. If it hadn't of been for them I probably would of been looking on shelves for hours!

With my first time maintaining white/silver hair I wanted to test the waters, use a number of products to see which one works best for me. In typical blogger fashion I also wanted this to be beneficial to you guys - so if you end up dying your hair like myself you won't have to beg on twitter for help because you don't know where to start. I decided to go for a silver shampoo set that was cheap and easy to get hold of, an easy go to, but also something a little bit more expensive to see if money really does make a difference.

bleach London silver hair shampoo set ~

A lot of people suggestion Bleach London to me whilst I lightened the side of my hair, they're a brand I've only used once on another occasion so I decided to give it a go! Back when I had pink hair their toner was unimpressive, but the amount of people suggesting it made me want to give them a second chance. I bought both sets from Superdrug but I had to order Bleach London online, so if you're wanting an easy access brand perhaps get something else or buy bigger bottles so that you don't have to constantly pay shipping. I bought a big bottle of shampoo and a little conditioner just to get my bearings for the product!

I was taken back a little by the smell but that was only because I was expecting something perfumed, it smells like products you'd get in a salon which I think is quite professional. The product states on the bottle that it's high pigment and from the consistency of the liquid you can tell, it's dark, thick and stains the bath! So either be careful or apologise to your mum before making a mess of her bath tub! Leave the shampoo on for five minutes then the conditioner for as long as you want, leaving you with instantly cooler toned hair that has a slight tint of purple to it.

I used this product second in reviewing both and instantly fell in love, letting this take over my hair care routine at bath time. It has the best instant result and turned my hair a quick silver, the purple tint actually helping me towards my lilac goal. I originally had wanted to get my hair as white as possible, but this product turned it more of a cool silver - so if you want white definitely don't let it touch your hair! On the first wash my hair was noticeably silver.

8/10 - incredible quick silver result

pro:voke silver shampoo set ~

Want an easy to use and get hold of product? Then I definitely recommend the Pro:voke silver shampoo set because you can pick it up from pretty much anywhere. I've seen this in shops like home bargains to boots, so if you're unsure as whether you want to use a silver shampoo and don't want to spend a lot of money it's definitely for you! I'm impressed by the quality for how cheap it is, whiting the hair more than turning it silver. I love a scented shampoo so I love this set, the scents sweet and lingers for a long time on your hair after washing. It doesn't take affect as quickly as the Bleach London set and I'd recommend it more for blondes as it keeps it looking fresh, light and is less likely to tint it purple.

With both products a little amount goes a long way, so even with the Pro:voke bottles being travel sized they've lasted just as long as your usual shampoo would! I think what attracts me most to them is they're so easy to pick up and cheap, I can easily fit them into my budget for beauty products.

6/10 - gorgeous smell and leaves the hair brighter & a whiter blonde

I definitely think that price offers a better quality product, but also does the name and Bleach London is known for offering a good hair care! I've loved using the products and both have allowed me to easily maintain a soft lilac hair, which I know can put some people off from wanting white hair.

Is there any silver hair products I should try out? How do you maintain silver hair? Any tips for lightening up purple back to white?

Until next time guys,

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