Blogging in winter what an absolute hindrance

5 Jan 2018

Ok so I’m definitely over exaggerating, the dark nights and crap lightening is definitely not the biggest hindrance I’ve faced of living for twenty three years, but it’s definitely a huge pain in my back side. I feel like as we get close to Spring all the bloggers are squeezing one another’s hands, getting giddy as the days get that little bit longer and finally we can all be back in our elements taking photos at whatever time of day we please. I even saw a gif on twitter of a woman dancing on a table with the quote ‘bloggers we did it we reached the shortest daylight day of the year’ meaning it’s all up from here right?! There’s nothing worse on relying for the weekend to take photographs for a blog post and you’re cutting it so thin with your deadlines! You’ll probably think I’m an utter moody cow - don’t get me wrong I love winter for the festivities but man it makes blogging so damn hard when it’s dark the moment I get home from work and I’m taking on a number of brands a week due to it being the lead up to Christmas!
I don’t want this post to be a giant moan about winter, I actually do love moving into January because it’s full of people feeling more motivated, wanting to come up with fresh content and I feel more positive about the year to come! It’s like nothing can stop me, the New Year is my oyster and whilst I feel more positive the weather too can only get better from here.

This is actually my first set of photographs took in the snow on my blog – back home in Yorkshire the winters have been pitiful, but up here in Scotland where I spent time away with family it was magical! I find it hard to dress for cold weather like snow because I hate heavy layers, get me in a dress over a jumper but hell no to layers of coats and winter wear. We stayed in a skiing resort and I’m so tired of seeing all the basic winter wear of North face and walking boots, so it felt good to actually be a little fashionable to go out to take these photos. I don’t know if it was because I was super giddy that the snow had set but I love this lookbook, this jumper is actually a snatch from work and I just can’t believe it’s being sold vintage.
From working for a vintage retailer I’ve gotten myself into that world of second hand clothing again and it actually is so exciting – you can find one off items that are unique and cool rather than whats being sold on the high streets. I’m such an easy consumer because I’ll buy whatever’s around me, for sale shopping over Christmas I literally text my friend and told her to send me websites I would like because I just hate the searching part. When I worked in a highstreet store I only bought from there, so now I’m handling vintage clothing everyday I just can’t believe the finds I come across. I’d generally pay over £30 for this jumper if say it was in Topshop, but instead I got this second hand cool af striped grungy purple jumper that I’m not going to see on every alternative bloggers insta.

What I really like about this jumper is its size, I love baggy jumpers which clearly we’re men’s but serve as a kind of jumper dress. It’s heavy, definitely winter wear because I don’t even feel a slight chill whilst walking around in the snow. It is itchy, but my love for the jumper out weights that small dislike. I can’t stand an itchy jumper, but after a couple of washes it’ll be super soft.

purple and black oversized jumper - the vintage scene
black button down skirt - h&m
black winter booties - h&m

 I also love how the jumper matches my hair or atleast will when I touch up the lilac!

Don't let winter get you down, it'll soon be over and we can bask in sun and blog till atleast 8pm!

Until next time guys,

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