Esqido False Eyelashes Review

7 Jan 2018

It feels like forever since I did a review based post, especially a beauty one, so I'm excited today to bring you something a little different! Whilst Heartshapedbones has mainly been a fashion based blog up till now, with it being the new year I want to dive into more of my interests and introduce more lifestyle onto this platform, one of these interests being beauty! I'm one of those girls who buys and buys makeup, loves to play around with my everyday looks and I do film what I can of makeup tutorials where I just put stuff on my face and chat everyones heads off. I swear before I got into blogging I never bought this much makeup, but now I see other bloggers and influencers sharing their looks and products daily, I indulge a lot more into brands I never would of heard of. I don't see that as a negative, I love to find new brands and I 98% of the time am so happy with the products I buy, so I thought it would just be a nice new area to blog more about.

Anyway, for my first beauty post of the new year I want to introduce a brand that kindly got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out some of their beauty products - Esqido False Eyelashes and of course I said yes because every girl likes to put on some glam eyelashes because it makes us feel 10 times better about our look! Well, it does for me anyway.

Eqsqido's eyelashes claim to be meticulously handcrafted, soft, lightweight and unbelievably natural looking!

The first thing I noticed about the lashes we're they are super soft, they're not heavy which is the obvious sign that a pair of eye lashes are going to look fake as hell when on. The first pair of eyelashes I tried was the Unforgettable False Eyelashes* which is one of the brands best sellers, so of course I wanted to see what the hype was about. I love how on each product you can see a model wearing the lashes both before and after lashes are applied - you also get shots of her looking straight ahead and then down, just to see the thickness of the lashes. They're classed as a level two for volume and increase in length as they edge out to your outer eye. 
It's been quite a long time since I last wore eye lashes, so like a complete newbie I followed the instructions on the back of the lashes case (SUPER helpful) and they we're easy to apply. Using the Companion Eyelash glue* I put on a thin coat of glue, waited a couple of seconds and then it was easy to stick the lash to your lid. It does recommend you measure and cut the lashes to fit just right, but to get that long lash affect I applied the lash as is to my lid and then created a wing using eyeliner to create a glam eye look as part of my makeup. I found the glue instantly drying and the lashes looked natural, hiding my own lashes which are quite thick. It was easy to blend and on wearing them out I kept asking my fiancee Joel if they looked natural and he gave the big thumbs up approval. They stayed on four hours and only started to irritate me once I got tired and touched my eyes millions of times, but for regular false eyelash wearers you'll have your own techniques of removing them. 

The second pair of false eyelashes I tried out were the Miss Dolly*, a doll like design which definitely leaves your eye lashes looking playfully long! I love how retro these look, the small gaps in between lashes making your eyes appear bigger and your lashes thicker. Being rated at a level 3 for volume I think these are perfect for a night out or special occasion, a night where you just want to enhance looking feminine. 

Out of the two these definitely are my favourite, just because of how different they are! For these lashes I went for a more round eye look and finished it with a smokey eye rather than any eye liner - the base of the eye lashes aren't too thick so it doesn't look obvious that you're wearing falsies. 

From reviewing Esqido's eye lashes I can definitely say that the value of product really does show the quality, these lashes retailing for £28 which I personally think is a lot for a pair of false eye lashes, but you're getting the value for your money with these. Lasting power, great glue (hard to come by) and an amazing selection of designs to choose from to suit every need you have. Different levels of volume - if I had a brand like Esqido back when I was going out a lot I would of felt utterly fabulous than rocking a £3 pair from boots. 

Not only do I love the lashes but I think the packaging is stunning - the casing on the lashes making it easy to keep them contains for reuse. Have you ever tried Esqido's lashes before? Which style would you go for?

Until next time guys,

(*Disclaimer* these items we're gifted to me for free in exchange for my honest words in the form of a review here on my blog. All words are my own and my own honest opinion)

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