How to experiment if you want to keep things comfortable

2 Jan 2018

Welcome to the new year everyone! If you're new here to Heartshapedbones I better let you know that I wear a lot of black, it's a comfort for me and one that's really helped me figure out my personals style. If ever I'm struggling on what to wear or chose online I always go for the black option not only because it's a simple to create an alternative style but you can dress it up or down. Black t-shirt and jeans? Simple, black dress and boots? Styled. I love black because it gives me so much confidence which I know is a weird thing to say, colour scares me and just doesn't suit the look I want to go for. It takes a while to introduce something colourful into my wardrobe and that's how I'd consider myself experimenting when I refer to clothing, but sometimes I just retreat back to black and it feels good. There's a lot of things you can do to experiment when wanting to keep things simple at the same time!

experiment with your accessories

The easiest way to dress up an outfit but also do a little playing around is using some accessories. Hats, chokers, scarves, jackets, there's always a way to make a basic look interesting especially if you want something alternative. I find chunky chokers can look cutie, feminine and definitely dress up a basic t-shirt if you pick the right one. I have a tight pink choker with a lock on that I picked up at an alternative Christmas fair, but a spiky black one or a velvet choker could work. Anything that's thick comes across edgy with a t-shirt, the bigger the better. Hats are also a great way to add a little effort to a standard outfit - berets are all the rage lately, I found this black one that's decorated with a pom pom for something extra.

layer things up

Nothing is easier effort than layering up your outfit, you can throw over checked shorts, dungarees or jackets and that makes your look much more interesting. I love to layer dresses over t-shirts, tops over longer mesh tops, so I love dungarees or pinafores for that matter. When keeping to black clothing I even experiment with textures pairing a lacy t-shirt with a soft oversized dungaree set. I have a number pinafores but no jumpsuit style dungarees, so I thought I'd opt for something that's comfortable because I wasn't sure how I would style it. What did I say, when not confident I constantly go for the black option. Layering an outfit up is a great way to comfortably dress yourself up - ready to do your errands but also nip to the pub for a little beverage.

pair something new with something you love

Sometimes I buy things that I'm not too sure on how I'm going to style it - it gets here and I'm stumped how to wear it. I try to make things a little different and end up hating the combo, but if I pair a new item with something I love then I'm obsessed with the outfit for weeks. It eases the new item into my wardrobe and I think it helps to dress up something if you want to keep comfortable but styled at the same time.
I wanted a comfortable pair of dungarees or something simpler so I used a cheap international site called Romwe, black of course and it definitely brings something new to my style. I paired it with my laced button up jumper which I think is the element that dressed up the outfit. Where I introduced a plain new item I paired it with something I love that creates interest, yeah I just analysed my outfit more than I needed to but that's how I basically form an outfit on a comfy day.

lace mesh jumper ~ gift
plain black dungarees ~ romwe
platform boots ~ topshop
black pompom hat ~ amazon

Even with this outfit being mainly black I still think I've styled the items differently than I normally would - it's fun to experiment even when you have basic items to work with. I want to start the new year with having fun with the outfits I share on this platform but also stretching my personal style from the comforts that restrain me sometimes.

I do like this style of dungarees but next time I'm definitely investing in a better quality pair - these have too many button holes on the strap that are all too high and the two pockets at the front are strangely placed. I wouldn't wear them out but are definitely going to be worn to lounge around in on days where I don't care to get them scuffed.

Until next time guys,

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