Grunge Queen

16 Feb 2018

I can't really pin point when I got into grunge fashion, but in my teenage years I really found myself through the style of music I was listening to and here is how this old pale elf was born. I have a love for the 70's but then at the same time Nirvana is life and a baggy shirt over a band tee is the type of styled man I need in my life. I love to experiment with fashion and my style really depends on what I'm loving that day and how I wake up! But, music has always played a huge part in how I dress and I'm happy it's defined my personal style in a sense. 

It's hard to find alternative items on the high street, especially when you're also wanting those items to be unique, look better than the price they're selling at and a promise that not every coloured hair girl is going to own the same thing. If I see an item I love I tend to claw my way for it despite how much money is in the bank, I get that people with my similar interest in fashion will no doubt want it too - but it still gives me a nerve twinge as a blogger. I want my personal style to be just that, so sometimes when everyone is blogging about the same item it can put me off buying it in the first place. Anyway, I was amazed when I came across the checked tartan shift dress because 1. its yellow and I've been after some yellow tartan for almost a year now and 2. it has corset ties running down before sides which is the coolest thing I've seen on a dress in a long time! It's grungy but feminine and immediately I thought of so many ways I could style it, so with my big stompy boots I more than eager to shoot this look to share on Heartshapedbones!

yellow tartan shift dress ~ asos ~ pretty little thing
sheer short sleeve top ~ h&m
high top boots ~ h&m
grey lipstick ~ new look 

What I love about grunge fashion is the edginess to it. I love how throwing on alternative clothing makes me feel like a bad ass that's ready to go see a band if I wanted or just chill at home running my errands. For me grunge style is about layering and this has to be my favourite combination of how to wear a dress in winter. I always turn to wearing a long sleeve t-shirt or jumper underneath a floaty shift dress or even a baby doll style for that Courtney Love look - but in this case I went for a sheer mesh top. This was my favourite item to layer in the summer so I'm excited that I have an excuse to bring it out again, mesh every goth girls need item. 

I didn't really know what to do with the corset feature on this dress, but after realising if you pull the ties it tightens the dress I felt it didn't bury me as much! I'm such a small human so even small sizes can sometimes be overwhelming on my body, but I actually think it sinches in my waist so that I look asif I have some form of hips. I can't believe this dress is from pretty Little Thing of all places! It's definitely opened up my eyes a little to finding hidden cool gems on the high street.

I like to have a balance of writing to words but I utterly love this set of photographs! My sister took them just on some rumble outside my parents house - but I think it adds to the grunginess of the outfit I as creating! I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so that I can  wear this combination out more, theres nothing worse than loving your outfit but having to cover it up with a coat to save your boobies from falling off. I hope you guys don't mind having a post mainly consisting of photos but hey, I feel like such a grunge queen and I can't wait to start layering up pieces for Spring. 

Until next time guys,
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