How to refresh all clothing ~ DIY Checked Shirt Pinafore

25 Feb 2018

I've had this idea in my head for a long time to cut up and re-style old clothes and I don't know how it's taken me till now to actually crack out a pair of scissors and my sewing machine! Something fresh and new I'm going to be doing on my blog is sharing with you guys my crafty side, revamping old items that I've attempted so many times to sell or get rid of and just couldn't go through with it. I'm a huge believer in retail theropy (aka I have a problem shopping because I blow all my money) and I'll admit half of the time I wear an item once or twice then never go near it again. It sits in a bag I've labelled 'selling or throwing away' which I've just never got round to organising because well, I'm busy and also lazy. It's the last thing on my mind, so I thought what an exciting way to deliver not only fresh content but also encouragement or a purpose to go through all my old items and see if I can freshen them up with a little cutting, sewing or added additions. 

I'll go more in depth into the process of how I change up clothing in my next posts, but for this one I just wanted to share with you guys my genius idea and changes on Heartshapedbones! I also have been living in this outfit because I can't believe it worked and now any oversized mens shirt I get will instantly become a pinafore dress.

Time and time again when I'm looking online I'm constantly searching for this high cut style of pinafore, then I just order a dungree set because it's there easier to get hold of and it distracts me for like two wears until I remember I really want a high cut pinafore. I'm sure theres a real term for the style I mean but just to explain - I mean a pinafore which doesn't have the attachable clasp straps. Infact thinking about it I don't know if I've created a pinafore really...but for my first attempt at whatever crafted dress this is I AM SO HAPPY WITH MYSELF. I'd say my crafting clothes skills are about average, I've dabbled before when I was really into vintage so my confidence has been patted on the head that this worked. 

Unable to find a checked higher cut pinafore that I really like online I decided to just get my hands on an oversides checked shirt and see what I could do. I love green checks so this was perfect to get me started - it's perfect for the season and goes with my new ginger locks. I can't express how simple it was to just cut off the arms and neck, tucking in the hems them sewing them just to clean things up. Thats literally all I did.  I figured out what neck hole I wanted from tops I like, measured that out against the shirt and marked where I should cut - same with the arms then literally chop chop. 

I could of added a form of strap in there to make it a pinafore but I didn't have any popper buttons on me, but for next time I'm definitely going to challenge myself to do so. 

green checked shirt ~ mens river island ~ crafted
oversized faux leather jacket ~ h&m
velvet back pack ~ Tesco
studded boots ~ h&m

For this outfit I feel like I've been taken back in time to when I was 18 because this combination was everything. Oversized jacket, dress, boots and a trusty back pack! I've always wanted a black little bag and surprisingly I found this one on offer in good old Tescos! Who could believe it. It was in the sale for only £16 so despite being strapped for cash I thought it was a bargain for a bag of good quality. Despite being little I fit all my daily needs in there including pack up for work, so winner winner AND I think it looks so stylish for any sort of outfit. I think adding the faux leather jacket really adds an edge to the look, where as if I was to wear the checked dress with a floaty white shirt you'd have a completely different result. 

I hope you like the DIY fashion element that's going to be coming to Heartshapedbones and it will be shown in more depth next time. Creating a pinafore out of a checked shirt is so easy you should definitely try it out for yourself and tag me in your photos! 

Until next time guys,

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