Why I'm struggling to blog more than ever - a little honesty

11 Mar 2018

Coming to write this post I found myself sitting staring at my screen for longer than usual....and there is where my problem lies. I've never struggled to write before, yeah I've had my uninspiring times of creative dry spells, but I can say since making my blog Heartshapedbones I've never sat down to write and not had something in mind. I've started for over twenty minutes (no joke) at the space bar for the title and come up with nothing, sighed and then when I really thought about what I wanted to say words came. I'm struggling with blogging and it's a saddening truth because not only is it a new feeling but I've not wanted to think it to admit it to myself. Does that make sense? You don't want to utter a word or think it because that's admitting your problem, well, mine is that just recently I've been putting my blog on a back burner despite having all the tools I normally have to blog.

I've wanted to step up my blog or atleast do some new things because I thought it was that which is making me feel so uninspired, my sisters started taking my photos because she rocks so much and I'm  now super happy with the quality of my looks. We really get creative, scout locations and I've even been experimenting with my style of fashion that I share with you guys. I've just wanted a change in my life along with all the shit I've been dealt at the start...but still despite loving the photos, being super edited to edit and share them, I just sit at my desk again, looking at that blank screen because I seriously can't think of one thing to write. With it being Women's day this week I felt a surge in myself to get inspired again and get back into smashing blogging because I love it so much - it's what I want to do with my life, which is how this post has come to pass. It's women's day, I'm done feeling lost and I want to feel strong again, so hopefully this kick up the butt will stick and it'll all come naturally again. 


I really wanna pin all the blame on some kind of uninspired funk, but it's not that I've actually been super busy! I have a lot of things on, a lot of fingers in pies. I actually work three jobs including blogging which I do class as career, whilst then also being really involved with my family and friends. I can't sit still and thats how I've come to have so many jobs and hobbies - but I wouldn't change it, I just need to manage my time better and get organised. 

I live on my own now which is a new big change and I think I've finally settled into that new routine. I go to work, come home, clean, cook, then I get to work with projects, more work and then I can do whatever the night has inshore for me. I don't struggle to find personal time and I think that is down to having some sort of routine with my work, but theres always one thing that gets put last or on the back burner and surprisingly it's my blog for once. I've not been able to schedule posts for weeks or catch up with myself to that safe space of having a couple weeks content planned and I think thats whats messing me up. I usually try to focus my weekends on my blog work but for the past couple of weeks I've just been too busy with other things. I've spent a lot of time with friends because their company has really turned around my life back to a good safe place, whilst then making big changes to my art store thats turned into a bigger job than I had originally placed for. I've finally got my schedule back for youtube with plenty of videos ready to go and then my sister and I have been shooting on Sundays to get bulk content ready. Bulk content that I just keep not writing...it'll get to Sunday night and I'll just feel so panicked because I have no content ready for the week and I know I'm only going to get one or two free nights where I'll be free to write. I stress enough about things I don't need to stress about, but I've really been scared for my blog as my engagement has started to lower. 

Last year already seems like a life time ago to me and when I think back on my old schedule I think I just got that far ahead with prepping content that I didn't need to worry about last minute rushed posts. I want you guys to get quality content not just words thrown together because I feel the need to post and not let my little space on the internet be forgotten. Yeah I've had a lot on my plate, but I feel like it's finally time for me to buckle up again and knock this blogging thing I love out of the park. 

I find change really hard and I think it's been tough for me to accept this new way of living. New surroundings but also new people have come into my life and that in itself is a huge change to my routine. I feel like this past couple of weeks has been a huge toss up in the air and all my responsibilities are spinning around me and I just put my hand out and grab one as it randomly flies by me. It's chaotic, so I think I'm going to be more strict on myself and write up a weekly plan that will become a religious edition to my person. 

purple bee print trousers - the vintage scene
off the shoulder crop top - h&m
black beret hat - amazon
open toe sandal boot heels - boohoo
faux leather oversized jacket - h&m

It's been a long time since I wore anything off the shoulder and it felt so strange because it's normally my go to item in summer! I'm seriously missing the sun with us having a bunch of bad weather so I wanted to experiment a little with something new but also return an old fave item. One thing I love about wearing an off the shoulder top is it shows off my shoulder tattoo, but also is just a really feminine item for your wardrobe. 

I've been meaning to style these trousers for so long now and just had no clue how to style such a unique item. They're high waist smart trousers with a bee embroidered print all over them, so different but when I laid eyes on them at work I had to snatch them up. I love vintage clothing because you see things you've never seen before and thats probably what I love most about fashion. I really appreciate someone who has a style that I never see anywhere else, it's unique and as a blogger it makes for such good fashion content. I bit the bullet and styled the trousers with black to safely test the waters, but I've fallen in love with them. 

One positives to winter is I always layer up my outfits and I love how it adds character to an outfit - my trusty beret has been a staple piece constantly lately and I felt like I hadn't work a leather jacket in months so I dug out one I bought from H&M. I do love getting jackets from the high street because it promises good quality and I actually have always wanted a big leather jacket (faux) because I'm obsessed with Buff the vampire slayer who literally styles on through out the entire first season. 

I hope this isn't just a little burst of inspiration and actually sticks now that I really want to pick things back up again. Another way I find inspiration is changing things up in my wardrobe and experimenting with new things, so I was excited to challenge myself with this look.

Until next time guys,

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