Being a Pastel Pink Princess

27 Apr 2018

Would it surprise you if I said one of my favourite colours is actually pink? Yes this little goth kid has branched out and has a love for everything princessy and magical... One of my favourite things about the warmer weather is my summer wardrobe, which is full of white boho alternative pieces that I can't wait to share with you on Heartshapedbones. This shift dress has been styled before but I really want to challenge myself this year to revive old looks seeing as I'm very strapped for cash. Being an adult sucks and it sucks hard on your bank balance when you live alone, so I hope you guys will really enjoy me bringing life to old favourite items of mine but styling them completely different. 

As you probably can tell the sun came out and every blogger in the UK ran as fast as they could with a camera outside - getting those sunshine filled snaps of us rocking legs out in fields of flowers.  Well, I did anyway. One thing thats fuelled my rut is the fact it's been so hard to take photographs when it's raining 98% of the time. I work all week, it's been dark when I've gotten home and then on the weekends I've either been busy or the weathers been pants. My sister and I have been taking some awesome shots so I really want her to continue taking my photos, so planning my spare time around her spare time hasn't coincided with how much I've been wanting to post. Lucky for me my day off happened to land on the warmest day we've had so far in 2018, so I thought it was the perfect time to dive into some items I've been excited to style this Spring!

white led zeppelin t-shirt - h&m
pink silk shift dress - h&m
black platform boots - topshop
baby pink ice watch* - ice watch 
black floral embellished bag* - rosegal
sunglasses - home bargains

For a very long time I only felt comfortable wearing black, which still is true but now I see it more as a stylish edgy option than 'limiting' myself to the colour. Last year I finally broke the habit and introduced little colourful pieces here and there, but 2018 is definitely the year I try new things. I love pastels, they're cute and girly and whilst one side of me is the biggest goth in the world, I also love to feel like a princess sometimes. Pink is actually one of my favourite colours and a couple of years ago I felt a little daring so I purchased this metallic silky pink shift dress! I had green hair at the time so it went straight to the back of the wardrobe, so I was so happy to re kindle my love for it again! 

I wouldn't ever wear this type of dress just on it's own because I lack anything in the chest area, so I decided to pair it with a white band t-shirt for comfort and to stir away from black. Any other occasion I'd pair it with a long black t-shirt or something mesh, but hey lets get into the summer time spirit! I haven't worn this Led Zeppelin t-shirt since last August so it was about time it made a re appearance too, keeping me cool and i also think it adds some detail to the outfit because the print pokes out a little. I paired it with some layered necklaces and some black accessories, keeping them cute with flowers and beads.

Living in my new house I've not really ventured out around the new area so it was nice to find some fields and greenery just around the corner! I'm so used to the village life and I hope you guys are by now in my photos, so to get us into the Spring spirit I thought it would be perfect to have lots of green and me frolicking around in the daisy fields!

Also how Elton John perfect are these sunglasses?!
They're over the top and girly as hell, being literally only £1.99 and I'm pretty sure I bought them just because of how ridiculously extra they are. 

I've worked a number of times now with Ice Watch and I fall in love more and more with each of their new watches! With my love for pink I opted for this gorgeous baby pink nude watch* with gold trimmings as parts as their new Ice Glam range! It inspired this look because I wanted to create something pastel to match and also just feel a lot more bright in my look for Spring time. 

Until next time guys,

(*DISCLAIMER* items marked with * we're gifted to me in exchange for a blog post. All words are my honest opinion and my own)

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