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29 Apr 2018

Raise your hand is you've ever fallen head over heels for home decor and you're not even ashamed about it *raises hand*

From the moment I left home all those years back for university I became obsessed with home decor and almost more than five years later it possibly could be an unhealthy addiction. I love anything to do with my home, little trinkets, needed items like kettles, right down to home made wall hangings! I take great pride in my home and I think every item in it is incredibly 'me', so when the Old English Company got in touch I fell hard because they're products are completely my style. They're cute, simplistic which is very on trend and mostly black and white - another factor I love because they're great to entwine into already formed decor themes. 

One room in my house I'm currently working on is my bedroom, it's dusty pink with lots of white features so I knew their decor would look right at home! I spent so much time browsing the products on their website because I just couldn't get over how amazing each one was and for their price! Quote prints, mugs, pins, kitchen ware and bedding. 

I've seen quote 'coupley' bed sets before like this big and little spoon pillow set*, so for only £19.95 I seriously needed it in my life! I know you can get bed sets for the same price or near abouts, but I just thought this was such a super cute idea and would match well with both sets of bedding I have! I might not be a couple anymore but I can still feel super cute being my own little spoon (and big spoon who am I kidding I take up the entire bed even though I'm only 5ft!) 

I'm a huge mug hoarder so the second section of their website I lost myself in was their home ware which includes a lot of items for the kitchen. I'm always being told I have too many mugs but it's never stopped me, the second I saw this 'buy me pizza and tell me i'm pretty mug* I knew I needed it in my life because it makes me laugh every time I look at it. It reminds me so much of the episode on fairy odd parents and I'm a little bit of a needy diva so I thought it was fitting! My Mum will find it hilarious. 

I'm quite late to get into the pin trend but I'm obsessed, I have  few now on my leather jacket so I thought it wouldn't hurt to see what accessories Old English Company had! I was completed swayed to their enamel pins by the mass selection they have which you can check out here! Quotes, animals, hearts - For only £7 each I thought what a bargain and had to try out the quality. I went for this Heart Breaker Pin* souly because it was red and gold which I needed as an addition to my leather jacket! I love how sturdy the pin is and it has a rubber backing which is more comfortable on my chest ran a clumpy metal piece. The pins are actually quite large which I love!

Last but by no means least, as a fellow print creator and seller I had to check out their selection of prints! I am amazed, quotes upon quotes and they have ALOT of my favourite quotes I've loved throughout my 24 years of living. There's special reminders, quotes about love, film quotes, quotes for the couples and quotes to make you feel like a boss ass bitch every morning. One of my favourite quotes in the world is "What if I fall? Oh but darling what if you fly?" so to see it as a print* for only £13.95 is amazing! The quality is amazing and it just looks so clean. I've framed it in my kitchen with my wall of plants, just so I can see it every morning and just remember what that quote means to me. It tells me to be brave and go for things which are scary.

Have you purchased from Old English Company? Definitely check them out for reasonably priced home ware and accessories!

Until next time guys,

(*DISCLAIMER* these products we're given to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All words are my honest opinion and my own)

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