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15 May 2018

Ok so I'm in the cutest checked dress and I'm in a graveyard? I'm definitely living my little goth dreams. I've always wanted to shoot in a cemetery but the idea of going by myself with a tripod just seemed a little weird, so when my ginger sister Meg over @ mysticmogwai said she had one pretty much in her back garden we just had to go take some pictures! I love Meg's style of photography so I thought she'd be perfect to help me capture this checker board dream dress and also join in on how excited I was to be amongst cool carved gravestones. Is that interest of mine a little too dark? I just think graveyards are utterly beautiful especially when they're so well kept my the community, so I hope you guys love these photographs just as much as I do. 

I've been obsessed with Tallulahs Threads on Instagram for so long now so I'm ecstatic to introduce them as a new brand on my blog! I find myself constantly looking at their cute dresses and swim wear especially with the run up to summer. A lot of their dresses are the soft jersey style kind with a print or pattern, but they've taken themselves to the next level with this checker board skater dress*! The style has to be my favourite thing in the world because it can be flattering on literally any body shape, especially with me being a small human it makes me feel like I have a form a curve to my waist. 

Checker board is so on trend right now I feel like I'm living a feminine 90's skater body dream! I'm happy to see that this year that the likes of vans and that edgy style is coming back into mainstream fashion! Yeah it means a lot of people will be fake skaters and 16 year old girls will all have those platform vans trains I so desperately want, but if it means I can pick up clothing I love really easily from reliable shops then I'm all on board. I've had my eyes on a number of pieces online especially from independent stores like Tallulah Threads, smaller businesses being who I tend to follow for more unique items despite if the price point is higher!  

Checker board dress* // Tallulahs Threads . Black high neck top // H&m . Floppy hat // Boohoo . Creepers // Ebay 

If you haven't noticed from most of my fashion posts here on Heartshapedbones I live in the middle of no where and 98% of my photos are taken myself using a tripod, so to actually have help for once was a huge god send! I love shooting with Meg and I feel such warm feelings looking back at these photographs because I love them so much. She's seriously talented! Blogging can sometimes be a one man band so I appreciate it so much when I get to come into contact with like minded people that I love to spend time with. 

Until next time guys,

(DISCLAIMER : Item marked with * was gifted to me for free in exchange for a blog post. All words are my own and the truth)


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