Whats stopping me from blogging

16 Jun 2018

If something is bothering me it tends to consume my life, I can get on with my day but it'll  be scratching at the back of my brain till I let it out somehow. For a while now I feel like I've really been neglecting my blog, Heartshapedbones has had tumbleweeds going through it for over a month now and the guilt keeps getting unbearable. 

Blogging has always been a huge passion and yeah I've had blocks before, but this isn't so much a block more that I just don't have the inspiration or time anymore to keep it up. I've gone from posting three times a week to barely putting one out and I feel like this post is needed before I can continue on as normal because I just don't want to put up half arsed stuff or the odd little fashion post without telling you guys this isn't my norm. This isn't going to be how things are permanently on my blog - I'm working on getting better!

Everyone would say I have my fingers in a lot of pots, I love to get myself into new projects but at the same time I find it hard to juggle more than two or three things. I work full time in the day which pretty much takes up a large chunk of my week, I also then have my own online art print store which I want to do full time, a podcast, a youtube channel and then Heartshapedbones. So yeah...a lot is on. Fortunately my full time job never really stops or gets in the way of blogging because it's 9 till 5, I get weekends to work to my hearts content on my own goals but they've all became a little wobbly as of late. I have no routine when it comes to working for myself with blogging and it's throwing me off. I have nothing scheduled but I have no time to dedicate to getting on track or in front of the pile of work I have to do. It feels like I need a week just to get all my affairs in order and schedule out of my ears! 

I don't want this post to be a huge rant because I'm already feeling stressed enough, so I thought I'd tell you about all the things I've been doing and my projects so instead of feeling negativity towards them I can get excited and stoked to be doing them!

So I've started my own podcast, I have the first episode all filmed and it just needs editing! I've been sat on it for over a week and it's killing me to not have time to edit it. I've put this at the top of my to do list because I can't wait for you guys to hear it, the entire thing is about stuff we watch on Netflix and I love how casual the context is. The podcast is called Witchflixs a play on the words Which Flicks? The first episode is just discussing with some guests whats in their continue watching section so I hope you guys love it and it'll hopefully be up next week!

Personal life 
I'm stressed out as hell and probably not in the best mind space I could be in. I feel exhausted from being out of the house for like 10 hours then trying to cram in as much as I can on my nights home. Love island has started so of course I'm trying to rush myself so I an just sit down an watch it, which actually has been helping because it's a time I can just switch off. I have my own house and a little kitten so I have to adult for the two of us. I've found I kind of have a complex about a clean house...so I clean a lot. At the weekends I love to not have to worry about the little things and I tend to have my friends round now that it's summer because the sun almost motivates everyone to come out and spend time together. In quite a selfish way this is what's stressing me out because with such a busy work life it means I don't have the time on weekends to get stuff done. You can tell if I've had a family or friend based weekend because I fall short with content that following week! 
I really want to start picking up some hobbies that aren't part of all the things I class as 'work'. I love to make art but by turning that into career I never see that as a relaxing venture. I started running and I actually love the little health kick its given me!

I have some exciting things coming to my art store including a permanent new witch creator to the Witchcraft family! Meg over at Mysticmogwai is officially selling through my store and I love having her as a team member, it's amazing to bounce off each other, I love the energy and idea she brings! her first product has just gone up and it's for such a good cause, check out her Zine on sexual misconduct and defensive language - half of each sale goes to The Survivors Trust and this is a project I back full heartedly. Please check it out because it'd mean so much to the both of us.

I've also been putting together a series of prints like Hogwarts Witches, Star sign prints AND I'm starting a new series of film famous witches, just something fun that everyone will hopefully love. 

Social Media
I am sick to death about stressing about my social medias, so much that it's made me almost retreat away from them. I love Instagram and what it was first about, it still is an amazing visual aid for not only influencers but just generally any other human. I love what people are doing, but what I hate is how it almost becomes a job. I found myself planning out my content for the week in advance and then I just thought WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING. Why am I doing this, why am I adding another worry to my plate when social media should be something fun. It's casual, I know I use it for not only blogging but my art store, but I've just lost the will to live. It'd be amazing if things could go back to how they were with the algorithm and just letting people interact with content they love! My twitter seems to be flourishing and that's where I just let myself be myself, so I'm trying to take that approach to Instagram and not get too caught up in building myself as a brand. 

Do I want to be a fashion blogger anymore?
Something that's been giving me anxiety is the content of my blog, I take awesome photographs, edit them all up nice but then the words just aren't coming to me. I literally have zero idea what to write anymore, but what I do want to tell you guys is my opinion on other topics, films, crafting - I feel like I need to take a different direction with Heartshapedbones and it needs to get more varied. I don't know if that's something you guys would want to see but I seriously need to make a change. I miss shooting flat lays, sharing films I've recently been watching and just showing more of myself then the clothes I buy. I spend very minimal now because I just don't have the money. I have other obligations and I don't jump on popular hypes that you see on other fashion blogs. Are my looks boring? I care more about the photography aspect then the actual clothes, I want my content to look interesting from an artistic point so I hope this is what you've been getting from my latest posts.

Until next time guys,

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