Feeling more myself this summer

14 Jul 2018

The witchy dark haired Jessica is back! It feels like a lifetime that I had my black hair and if I'm honest even though I only started to lighten it in January I feel much more happier dying it back black because I feel myself again. Weird how a hair colour can make you not like yourself, but despite living how it looked in photographs I really disliked how the ginger hair looked in person. I got a lot of comments from people saying they preferred it black and well I caved, people suck when they're telling you something about your appearance but I'm happy I made the change back. 

Anyway! A place on the internet I never think to check for clothing is Amazon, but when a boutique on the site contacted me to see if I wanted to style items of clothing I was beyond curious. I never knew that Amazon actually had a market place section for users to sell their own goods, Exlura currently offering in season items of clothing like floral dresses and occasional wear! Who doesn't love a good floral dress!

sunflower print dress* ~ Exlura . sheer black top ~ H&M . black little heels ~ Boohoo

I usually struggle in summer to style pieces because lets face it, I'm definitely an autumn/winter baby. I love black clothing, layers, feeling cool breezes and wearing jackets. Jumpers are my thang! I rarely have clothes appropriate for the warmer months and I don't deal with the heat very well...but I think I've turned it around this year to actually produce some good outfits I keep going back to! 

It's been hard with ginger hair to find myself and I just kept going for a very girly look  I didn't feel was me. I love vintage clothing but I also want my alternative personal style to come through and it feels like that's not been the case with me for a while now. Styling a floral dress was going to be a challenge and I was so excited to style it in a way that was different from most. I went with darker accessories to grunge things  up and you can't go wrong with a sheer short sleeve t-shirt in this weather. One of my friends described this look as grandma meets goth and I think that's the perfect description for it.

I didn't really know what to expect with quality because hey, when do I order clothing from amazon. I chose the sunflower dress* because I adore the print and yellow is my new favourite colour I keep swaying to in items! The fits is exactly what you want in a size small, a little room on the waist band to breath but brings in my waist to let the midi length make you feel really feminine. I have been wearing it with chunky heeled boots but with the spirit of summer I wanted to dress it up a little with some strappy heels. I think it's just the perfect dress for every day wear and so easy to then adjust to a night time situation. 

It feels great to want to blog again and feel the motivation coming back to me! I won't be posting as often as I have done in the past, but I will be making more than one appearance a week so I hope you enjoy the new content from me.  

Until next time guys,

(DISCLAIMER: Items marked * we're sent to me free in exchange for a blog post. All words are honest and my own opinion)

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