Is it hard to be a fashion blogger when on a budget?

30 Jul 2018

Being an adult is frickin' hard and one thing this lousy year has taught me is budgeting means you can't have everything you want. I can't wait for the day I can stop mentioning in a post how this year has changed me, but things are getting easier and I'm settling into a good place where I think my life needs to be at. Anyway, budgeting! I've kind of never needed to save money and I know that sounds completely foolish. When I graduated university I slipped straight into a comfortable paying job in the city and lived with my ex boyfriend, we split everything and had a comfortable amount left to do with what we wished. We ate out all the time, I bought clothes of course because I worked for a retailer and high street fashion consumes you and we just lived a very fast spending money life. Fast forward to living alone in a small village with bills and rent to pay, I don't think I've treated myself to an item of clothing above £10 in almost 6 months. I get the occasional vintage item from work here and there but apart from that I've not even stepped foot into a shopping complex or a high street store. Not spending has taught me a very big life lesson on prioritising things I need to spend my money on...but also I do think it has stunted my growth as a blogger or influence on the internet because I've not joined in on what trends are boosting people through the roof. Im here in my thrifted dresses whilst others are all about that checker board vans life and if I'm honest it has brought a sense of dread that I'm not growing because I'm not relevant. 

I've had to remind myself that I have to deal with myself away from the internet and not let things like this get to me, so what not better to do than write a post on my thoughts and how I think I can push to a conclusion that you guys might be happy with too!

I'm not really into trends, but it is hard when you see others on the internet in their new rags and not want to find out where it's from or wonder what it'd look like on you! I love following other bloggers because it gives me inspiration for my own looks and opens me up to new styles that I didn't think to explore before. If they're buying new on trend stuff that's probably going to be what I'm after, but at the end of the day after all the bills are paid, I just don't have that spare cash. thrifting or second hand clothing has been a life saver because if I've done enough digging I've been able to find something similar for a lot less money! Whether it be asos marketplace, depop or your local charity shop - it's always worth having a look before waiting for the sales to roll round or spend your rent money on that cute little dress you wanted from lazy oaf. 

I kind of want to agree with the term 'fake it to you make it' but who wants to be untrue to themselves? I'd rather admit and share my ebay finds than pretending I'm wearing on trend items to fit in with the Instagram influencers. 


A huge tip to make you not want to quit styling for a blog is you can return to past outfits or items you've featured before, it doesn't always need to be new! Something I loved a couple of years ago could come straight back into my life and I'd wear it completely different. 

I think that possibly is my biggest fear that you guys are going to get bored of my looks because they're not so on trend or they're not like the other influencers who are climbing up the pole. I love the second hand/vintage style I've been creating on my blog recently and hopefully it's attracting similar minded people who don't care I'm not hugely into brands!

I think once you really get past not feeling like you need to be following a wave or a trend then it takes so much pressure from you. You don't need to spend lots of money to be a blogger, you can blog about the things you have and it makes it no less relevant. Your blog = your life. 

Until next time guys,

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