Respecting Others

23 Jul 2018

I love it when you shoot photographs unexpectedly and they turn out to probably be your favourite shoot of the summer? Yeah that's me right now. I planned to write a blog post about for once feeling myself in the hot weather and how I'm looking up more than I have done this year, but instead I really wanted to discuss something with a little more consistency. I attended Pride in Hull at the weekend and hell it was one of the best weekends of this year for me. I loved the kindness and happiness I saw all day, I spent the entire time with one of my favourite humans Meg over at Mystic Mogwai  and it just gave me an eye opener into more topics I really want to share on my blog.

 I love fashion and fashion blogs, but sometimes writing about the clothing on my body just leaves me feeling a little half arsed like I've deprived you of some good content. Theres so much more going on in my brain that I want to share so I've been seeing myself steering away from being so basic. I'm not kicking bloggers who do just love talking about what they've been styling, I love to read it...I just want more from my blog right now and to give you guys.

2018 has definitely been the year where I've been challenged. If its not been working out how to do my own bills it's been dating drama or just suffering with very poor mental health. I've taken a kicking and recently I've been struggling with confidence in myself which I've not felt since I was a wee' 15 year old. Some days I wake up, from makeup to clothing everything goes perfect and I feel the bomb! But it's been a really long time since this actually happened for me, I get dressed and feel really uncomfortable with myself and I don't know how to over come that feeling. I feel very unconfident and maybe the only time I have felt a surge of loving myself is through shooting for my blog! It's my own thing and I do it all myself, so I control how I look and this is the perception of myself I want to share. From photographs you're not going to know that this is how I feel, but it's my burden to bear and where I do feel like talking to people about your problems is GREAT, sometimes you deal with your own shit and just get on with it. I'm the only one thats going to be able to love myself entirely, so I need to work out my problems and not let them ooze into the other aspects of my life because it's not needed. Hating myself isn't relevant to me making a super cool drawing or friendships I have, so I've been trying to separate the problems and it has allowed me to feel atleast a little bit more happier. 

I think what this mental health state has taught me is to respect others journeys because everyone is dealing with their own demons. A lot of people don't seem to grasp that others have their own shit on, no ones purposely ignoring you (unless they are then they suck) but sometimes it's hard to be there for someone when you have your own life to power through. 

As someone who works a full time job, blogs, have their own art store and other little projects I find it so hard to bring others into my life. I have a small knit circle of friends I've had since being a teenager and they've naturally just fallen into place with me, so making more time for others can be hard. But I get that this isn't just my problem, for so many others they have their own lives and things just don't get put on pause when you want to go shopping or just get a coffee. Just because someones not talking to you 24/7 doesn't mean that you're no longer friends, it just means you're both got your own things to do and I think this is what being an adult is. Other commitments come first and I've learnt this is where you realise who your 'real' friends are or atleast who is going to be a positive impact on your life. With being on the internet I've made a lot of friends who don't live locally to me, so I have had to come to terms with you just can't be in touch with someone all the time when they're not easily accessible in a sense. 

I think the message I want to get across is just respect other human beings because they can be keeping a lot to themselves. They can come across as happy but be in such a dark place. They're not ignoring you they just feel that much anxiety that day they've had to turn off all the phones and have a film in bed day. Your lifestyle does not reflect theirs, like theirs does not reflect yours. If you like going out every weekend drinking that might not be the case for someone else, just respect their lifestyle and remember to just give someone a break. Don't push someone away if they're being quiet.

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