Becoming Momma G

17 May 2020

This is perhaps the most exciting post I will ever write. I am going to be a Momma! Me! That’s it, me! 2020 is one big year of change and I’m not talking about the pandemic. I’m growing a little human inside my tummy and in the easiest terms to explain, it feels like this is what I was meant to do. 

I grew up not feeling maternal at all, not really caring about children, but at a certain point in my twenties I suddenly felt baby obsessed. Not like I was actively trying to have a baby, but my nephews became my everything and I would love talking to my friends who were mums. I guess what they say about feeling broody is true! Right now I honestly feel like it’s my time to have a baby, so to find out at the start of this year that we were pregnant? I am over the moon and beyond. I’m currently close to 21 weeks! That’s half way through my pregnancy journey (wow!) but I really want to start at the beginning for you guys, including the all important ‘how we found out’ story. 

Looking back, it was so clear that I got pregnant around Christmas (which is good because we’ve confirmed it was around that time). I didn’t feel myself, including tummy pains through out January which at the time I had pinned down to what I was wrong I was. In the middle of January I went to Centerparcs with my family and felt sick the entire time! It’s funny knowing now what was going on, but I remember just being mortified at how bad I felt whenever I put anything in my mouth. Caramel coffee? Bad choice. Afternoon tea? Bad choice. Pancake house? Bad choice. Anything I ate I got such a bad pain in my stomach and I thought maybe I had triggered my nut intolerance (It’s like having really bad IBS for a couple of days). To round up my trip I loved being with my family and we all went tree climbing/zip wiring over lakes, it was amazing! I get a warm, loving feeling knowing that when I was secretly pregnant (to myself) I was having a really good time with my favourite people. 
Obviously it wasn’t IBS and I had a human starting to form inside me! Which felt for me like I was getting period pains, without the period. Cue how I found out I was pregnant!

There’s no such thing as TMI on my blog, let that sink in. I am very regular with my periods. I have an app that is always correct and since coming off the pill in my early twenties, I always document my periods. So when it just never came in January I thought ‘here we gooooo’ something wasn’t right. My period in December had been a weird one for me, very different to my usual cycle and I honestly believe I was already pregnant when I had it. My due date and recent scans confirm I possibly was, which is a good mind easer that I wasn’t just analysing my period to a point of paranoia. I left it five to seven days before heading out and getting a test, which I did very very early in the morning because we had a house full of guests! Max was on tour but had a band staying at ours, so I told him what I was doing, snuck out real early for supplies and that little stick. 

Taking a pregnancy test with a house full of sleeping/hungover guests probably isn’t the way I imagined ever finding out I was pregnant, but I wouldn’t have it any other way for us! It was incredibly exciting and funny bouncing around in the kitchen when I told Max! I quietly ran down stairs, thrust the stick in his face whilst he made toast and we both we’re amazed. Yes of course it was a shock, we didn’t expect to be pregnant! But we we’re both very happy and knew this was what we wanted. I won’t say we were trying, but it wasn’t exactly like we weren’t (Hello I had an app that not only monitored my periods but told me when I was ovulating). I’m 26 and Max is 29, in my opinion perfect ages for us to have our first baby. I felt right there and then our life just changed! We instantly had another person to think about, big things to plan and sort. We were eager beavers about everything, telling our families before the twelfth week and inviting our friends out for my ‘birthday meal’ which turned into our friends announcing their engagement and us announcing our baby! Such a magical night. 

We found out at the end of January we were expecting and I immediately booked in with the doctors, who then set me up a midwife appointment. My partner Max tours for a living, so I decided to book the appointment for when he was home in March, which actually wasn’t the best idea. At the time in the doctors they told me waiting a month for my appointment was fine, when really speaking to my midwife it just made everything a big rush. I didn’t realise you can only have your first scan at certain point for them to detect certain things your baby might have - any later and they can’t see those dangers in the scan. When I had my first midwife appointment it felt we then had to rush and hope I got a slot for my scan! I did feel a little annoyed that the doctor hadn’t explained that, if I’d of waited any longer or if Max had been away longer we wouldn’t know our baby was safe from certain things. 

I got very excited for our first midwife appointment but in reality it wasn’t eventful at all. In fact they asked what Maxwell name and phone number was...that was about it for him, so your partner doesn't necessarily need to be with you. The first appointment was all about me and getting all the details, taking some blood and then I was off after asking some questions like what classes were around and what hospital tours could I go on. We'd already researched everything the moment we knew we we're having a sprog! So I didn't actually have that many questions. I felt like I'd built up the first appointment in my head and it wasn't at all like I imagined. Neither good or bad, it was just like any other doctors appointment. 

I'd definitely suggest not getting your hopes up too much or expect too much from your midwife. I'll probably make an informative post on the midwife meetings when I've been to a couple more, definitely when I'm further along in my pregnancy! I think for other Mommas to be it'd be helpful as I had no idea what to expect, apart from small bits of info my sister in laws had prepared me for. 

Until next time, J x

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