What I think about Shein clothing

12 Jul 2020

If you're a regular online shopper, I think by now you would of seen the Shein advertisements that facebook manage to slide into your feed. Shein is an international fast fashion clothing brand, which I understand can be a huge controversy. Whilst I am very conscious of fast fashion and do want to manage just how much I play a part in it, I also love a bargain. We all do. Whenever you see the Shein advertisements, they're offering on trend items that are incredibly affordable. I have often wondered about the quality and not bothered with a purchase, but there has also been times when I have made the sale! They also seem to have the perfect midi dress for me or a cute crop, usually for under £20. I have been trying to cut down my spending, so to get a couple of items for the same price as I'd usually pay for one dress, does make me feel slightly better. 

With fast fashion online brands I knew a lot of people can be very apprehensive, so I thought why not be a little helpful with my two cents and experience. It's clearly a case of 'you're ordering a bargain so don't expect luxurious quality' but everything I've ordered I still have and wear all the time. 


I can only speak from my own experience, but I've not had problem so far and never have had to contact the brand on the where abouts of my order. I order from Shein a couple times a year, usually around summer, but never have to wait more than to weeks the items to arrive. I always go standard shipping because I'm never in a rush for the clothes - but I guess with the nature of the brand, don't be expecting next day delivery. With the ease of clothes to your door from other brands, I think people become very impatient (hey I've been there). 

I think shipping with Shein is always something to be brought up on reviews and others blogs - so I thought I'd make it the first point to this post. 
I do think the over kill of plastic is unnecessary with packaging! Every item is wrapped in a seal bag or a vacuum type bag, when really the items could all just be contained to one. With fast fashion not being the greatest for our environment, I think they could work more on their packaging to decrease further waste. 


When it comes to sizing, I'm a very generic size small, but I am forever styling oversized clothes because I prefer the comfort. I'm very relaxed when sizing is involved - but again, I think this is another huge question customers will have with Shein. What is a size S? They have a measurement guide which is very handy, but they also show the product reviews where customers do upload how the item fits on them. That way you can see how the item wears of all body types (I love this as I'm very short, lots of things don't fit well when they're made for a taller body). 

For me sizing from Shein hasn't been an issue! The clothing is never a tight small, the trousers even fit me and I'm more of a size 10 on the bottom. If I've ordered a longer dress they do fit bigger - but I am only 5ft which makes a huge difference in how the clothing sits. 
I think the only issue I have noticed (not an issue for me but something that could be a problem) is that a size small leaves little room in the booble-age area. Thats fine for fellow flat cheasties - but not so fine now that I have growing pregnancy boobs!


With a lot of fast fashion websites that's offer cheap deals, the quality is always going to be what you paid for. I even find this with similar high street fashion - a lot of the times when you pay for a £5 top, after a couple of washes it's not going to be the same. 
What I've found with Shein is anything that is a 'cotton' style item, these are the pieces you need to be careful when ordering. I've had two tops that weren't fantastic quality, and a dress that was see through as hell. When I order dresses that are a more 'silky' style or lighter material, they are much better. I've ordered a bunch of midi slip style dresses and they're perfect - the material isn't see through, it's light, they fit well and no seams are coming apart. 
I think the best items I have ordered from Shein are dresses. 

Despite my quips with buying into fast fashion, my experience has been so good with Shein. After placing an order I am nervous to see what turns up, but I’ve always been happily surprised with everything fitting great. A lot of Shein items have become staples in my wardrobe, and have been in there for years instead of making it into the depop pile to sell. I do like how you can buy a lot of different styles of clothing on the site, meaning you can get pretty much anything you’re after. No going to one site for lounge wear and then another for a night out dress!

Until next time, J x