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29 Jul 2020

Can anyone else believe we’ve come to the end of July already? 
It honestly feels like yesterday we were in March and lock down was setting in across the UK. Now restrictions are being lifted, restaurants, pubs, even gyms are open! Venues are being allowed to open but not play music, and yet I can still only socialise with my ‘bubble’ outside and not go over to my mums. Yeah. The rules from the government make no sense sometimes. 
I constantly find myself getting pretty worried about the rules surrounding hospitals and giving birth - especially now we’re only a month away to my due month (I saw due month because even though my due date is the 23rd of September, who knows when a baby wants to come, they’ll come!). Maxwell has only ever been to our first midwife appointment, unable to enter the hospital for baby scans and it’s still upsetting. I’ve fainted twice now (watching blood being taken out of your arm isn’t for me) and it’s sucked that he’s not been there to help me. 

That’s where I am mentally anyway! For us we’ve been a little more reserved with lock down still. We haven’t gone to pubs, I have no intention to step foot into a gym and I won’t be going into town shopping any time soon. We understand every day people are still getting COVID and people are still unfortunately passing away. It’d be so stupid for me to relax now and catch the virus, so close to our baby being here, when we’ve been pretty strict from day one back in March.



I thought it’d be fun to write another what we’ve been up to post or things I’m looking forward to doing, whilst still staying home. I have my own art store online, so I am very lucky that I’ve been able to work from home, and make money in the pandemic. The only stress I face is the weekly post office trip! Sometimes I do get dressed, makeup and all! Other days, I have those utter lazy moments where I stick on my maternity joggers and one of Maxwell’s t-shirts. I have been on the look out for an in between medium of dressed, but still lounge style - so I was over the moon when Femme Luxe let me pick some things from their lounge wear range. 

I’ve worked with Femme Luxe for a couple of years now. I love how their clothing suits all - there being an item for everyone, whether it’s lounge wear or a fancy dress for cocktails with the lasses. Whilst being pregnant I’ve found it quite hard to fit into anything, so opting for lounge wear was the best option! You cannot go wrong with stretchy, soft material. I never tend to experiment with my lounge wear as I know what are my old faithfuls! Neutral colour, soft material, long sleeve and rarely anything tight. I kept my eyes out for items that matched what I always go for, and with the intention to make these items more of a ‘dressed up’ set, then the lounge wear I already have. 

What we’ve been up to this stay at home summer

Sadly at the beginning of Summer Nessa caught what we assume was hay fever! It caused conjunctivitis, which I didn’t even know dogs could get. We were back and forth the vets, only to change vets when her eyes got incredibly worse and if I’m honest, we we’re being messed around. The new vets = amazing. Sadly Nessa had to undergo a small op to have her eyes sorted, but it meant we had to watch her like a hawk for three weeks, whilst she battled with a cone she hates. It’s been hard to see your animal baby in pain, but she became herself pretty quickly once we got help from the second vets! She’s been temporarily blind whilst they sorted out ulcers on her eyes (they stitched up her third eyelid to protect and heal them), but thanks to drops and their medication she’s been well looked after. 
We’ve had to dedicate a lot of our time to pooch but she’s completely worth it! Instead of attending restaurants and pubs when they first opened, instead we spent weeks cuddling Nessa on the sofa, and I preferred it so much. I have no intention to go to the pub and I’ll take some dog lovin’ over it, any day. 

My online art store has always been a side hustle, since I started selling art back in University. I’ve always dreamed of it becoming a full time gig, but I also was never naive and pursued other careers at the time. I was working 40 plus hours and then when at home selling art and trying to get it off the ground. Finally in 2020 I can say I’ve been earning what I would in a full time occupation, since we all went into lockdown! It’s been crazy. I honestly am shook at how supportive and encouraging everyone has been over my art store. 
Whenever the ping of a sale comes through on my phone, Max and I are so ecstatic! This has been my dream and It’s amazing living it. We’ve set up the office for me in the living room so I can still be involved with my family (quite important for when baby is here, so I can sneak in them orders whilst they’re napping). 

We still have plenty of time to go before baby is even close to arriving, but when stuck in the house what better to do then get all the jobs ticked off. We’ve been buying things for baby and letting them collect on the spare bed - so finally we decided it was time to get decorating, and get the nursery done. I honestly love how Maxwell & I have the same vision for most things. We’ve painted the entire room white (don’t know if I’ll regret that with mucky children hands) and then we created the grey abstract triangles. I spent the afternoon painting some ikea draws we had a lighter grey, and we added shelves for babies books, teddies, etc. I absolutely love the crib we found - most furniture in the room being from Ikea, as it’s our go to safe place for items we both agree on. We are still keeping the spare bed in the room for guests! 

I honestly can relate to everyone who took lockdown to decorate or complete their home renovations that have been on the list for a while! We had a basic lists like the garden, touching up woodwork etc, but it turned into a full blown ‘let’s do everything before a child is in our home and I can’t move from the sofa’. We told ourselves it was too much hassle last year, but we finally decided to touch up the hallway and stairs. We painted the entire space white - but wanted a feature wall. We wanted green, but with a pale shade in my head as we entered B&Q, we actually went for a much darker shade. When putting it on the wall we both had a panic as it was a very rich green. It took me a day to really settle into the colour - but I think it’s very us! We love dark colours, like the blue in the living room. The green is very ‘forest’ and looks amazing with chunky plants. 
We also decided to finish off jobs in the living room. We felt it looked unfinished, so Max took the blue from just the feature wall, to under neath the day rail completely around the room. I love it!
We’ve had empty frames laid around the house for months too, so finally those are up in the living room, hallway and kitchen. I’m pretty sure before September we’ll find something new to improve in the house, but for now, I’m incredibly happy with our home. 

I tend to read a lot of true obvious I have been reading a lot of true crime recently. I have had a pile of baby books next to my bed for months, so I finally decided to pick them up too. I knew when getting pregnant that I wanted to do hypnobirthing, and I loved the helpful guide book by the positive birthing company. It was so helpful and I feel it’s one more thing ticked off my list for me to be prepared. I know have weeks to keep revisiting the book and work on my breathing techniques. 
Another novel I really enjoyed which wasn’t my usual thriller, was the where the Crawdads sing! I honestly loved the change in culture and time period I find myself falling for whenever I buy a book. It was written beautifully and was so visual. 

Anyone else watched down to earth? We loved it! Yes I did find myself wanting to watch for Zac Efron...but I found the content of the program so interesting. Zac and his team travel around the world, addressing ways of being more substainable and exploring cultures who do so. The first episode focused on Iceland, a place I really want to visit, so I was hooked. The rest of the episodes didn’t disappoint - from water in Paris to growing food in Costa Rica. 

Before lockdown we cooked all the time anyway, but I’ve loved the new dishes we’ve tried being at home. We don’t just buy our usual ingredients anymore - whenever we do the food shop a lot more, healthier options go in, but even with things like meat, we’ve chosen new options. One new thing we had been doing is baking. It’s felt like such a long time since I hunted for recipes and got excited! I made us a lemon, white chocolate cheesecake and it was the best I’d made yet. It lasted us daysssss - which might of not been a good thing when I’m trying to eat better for baby. 

(I made these two cheesecakes last year so enjoy, I didn’t get a snap of what I made this month)

As well as all this, I have been growing a child. It’s consumed a lot of what I do day to day and I love it. It feels amazing to have more closely gotten to know baby and their movements. They get hiccups at least twice a day and we’ve figured out how they’re laid from having a feel.
I’m unsure as to how we’re going to start lightening up on lockdown when we feel so unsure of the world right now. I’m just happy I get to spend my time with Maxwell, baby and pooch, in no rush. 

Until next time, J x

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